June 2002

06/28/2002 Friday

Best spam subject line ever: I am glad that I found you - I think I owe you some money.
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Blocking popups in NS7.0. (via Boing Boing)
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06/26/2002 Wednesday

Wolfenstein 5K is: 1. mind-bogglingly amazing, 2. deeply humbling, and 3. sets a new benchmark for future 5k entries. In the 2003 contest, there will probably be a dozen ray-casting, dynamic XBM image generating entries. In fact, 5k is probably too big now. For both DHTML and Flash entries. As Ryan says, Flash is now so powerful that complex actions can be performed with minimum code (compare the Flash entries from the first contest with the current ones). I think a 1k limit would provide more of a challenge. Especially if you have to produce a game. And if your entry has to work on at least two browsers on any one OS or the same browser on two different platforms.
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Yesterday, while walking home, I had a sudden feeling of a sense of purpose. Actually, it was a sudden feeling of recollection of a sense of purpose. When I tried to remember what the sense of purpose that caused the feeling of recollection was, I lost it. I have no idea what may have caused that sudden feeling of recollection of a sense of purpose. Now I'm pretty sure it wasn't a real sense of purpose.
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06/24/2002 Monday

The 5k entries have been posted.
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For a <select> element, the type property should be select-one or select-multiple (if the multiple HTML attribute is present). My IE5.5 reports all dropdowns as being type select.
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06/19/2002 Wednesday

Cnet: Microsoft to reinstate Java in Windows. Service Pack 1 for Windows XP will include the MS brand JVM written in 1997 and based on Java 1.1.4. Sun already offers a Java plugin for Windows (based on a more recent version of the language) for download. Still, this doesn't mean that Java support should be considered ubiquitous in the near future (SP1 is due in late summer). Since Java support didn't ship with the original XP, you have to rely on users to download either SP1 or the Java plugin. Not very likely.
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06/18/2002 Tuesday

Let's say you have an absolutely positioned element with a clipping region that extends beyond the element's width and height (ie, width: 100px; height: 100px; clip: rect(-100px 200px 200px -100px);). Theoretically, you should be able to position and / or move any child of this element anywhere within the clipping region and still have it appear. In my IE5.5, this works to an extent. If I try to move a positioned child from any position to a position with a negative left or top value, it will work. If I try to move the child to another position with a negative left or top value, it will disappear. The child will only reappear once I move it back inside the area defined by the parent's width and height. This is very annoying. Update: Ernie has IE6 and the same thing happens.
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Cory comments on IE5.2 for OSX.
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Woody Guthrie's copyright notice (appeared on the mimeographed songbooks he sent to fans):

This song is Copyrighted in U.S., under Seal of Copyright # 154085, for a period of 28 years, and anybody caught singin it without our permission, will be mighty good friends of ourn, cause we don't give a dern. Publish it. Write it. Sing it. Swing to it. Yodel it. We wrote it, that's all we wanted to do.

(via Boing Boing)
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Wanted to spend a few days in the Yoho backcountry before my brother's wedding in late July but it turns out that all the backcountry campsites are booked solid for the entire summer. Crap. Time for Plan B. As soon as I figure out what Plan B is.
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06/17/2002 Monday

Andrew Clover on Webdesign-L: There's a number of ways to set HTML attribute values thru the DOM. Any attribute can be set using setAttribute() with the first argument being the attribute name and the second being the attribute value. The attribute name should be all lowercase. Some attribute values are accessible directly thru DOM properties (like document.title or document.forms[0].action). Sometimes, the property name and the attribute name have different names or capitalization. For example, className is the DOM property name for the class HTML attribute; cellPadding is the (pseudo-)DOM property name for the cellpadding HTML attribute. In IE PC, setAttribute() only accepts the DOM name and doesn't recognize the HTML attribute name in cases where the two differ (setAttribute('className', 'foo') works but setAttribute('class', 'foo') doesn't). I touched on this in an earlier post about the cellPadding property and setAttribute().
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The 5k deadline has passed. Here's my entries. Next year, I will make something fun. Like Milov's entry. I wanted to make a Lode Runner clone (with a level editor, of course) but the AI would have been a pain.
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06/11/2002 Tuesday

The origin of Murphy's Law.
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06/07/2002 Friday

With apologies to Mr. Atlas:

(is it me, or does the guy in the upper left of the 2nd panel look like George Bush, Sr?)
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06/05/2002 Wednesday

Epiphany: IE6 doesn't differentiate between dotted and dashed borders at a border width of 1px.
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06/03/2002 Monday

Interesting Fact #35: Slug slime is a mild anaesthetic. If you lick a slug, your tongue will go slightly numb.
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