August 2002

08/29/2002 Thursday

A Dilbert comic which is also woefully true and makes this doubly sad. (via Webword)
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08/26/2002 Monday

Was reading Flanagan yesterday and came across this XML code sample:

   <employee name="J. Doe"><job>Programmer</job><salary>32768</salary></employee>
   <employee name="A. Baker"><job>Sales</job><salary>70000</salary></employee>
   <employee name="Big Cheese"><job>CEO</job><salary>1000000</salary></employee>

How true. How woefully true.
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Project Presto: Opera's core re-written for better standard's support in Opera 7. (via Inflight Correction)
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AOL for Mac OS X now uses Gecko. (via Brainstorms and Raves)
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08/19/2002 Monday

While I was away: Netscape 4.8 available for download and faking css attribute selectors in IE by using the proprietary Javascript expression() properties.
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08/01/2002 Thursday

I'm looking for more technical weblogs that focus on clientside coding (HTML, CSS, DOM, DHTML, etc; a bit of middleware and web services stuff is cool, too) that I can add to my daily reading list. Know of any? No fair suggesting your own site - I need third-party recommendations.
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Round 2 of the 256b.htm Compo has started. Submission deadline is the end of August. (via Milov)
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