September 2002

09/13/2002 Friday

So I started working on a project yesterday and had hardly begun when everyone remotely connected with this project received an email congradulating everyone on how well the mockup presentation went and listing a number of milestones that this project has achieved to date. They all relate to budgets, timelines, client lists, and award-winning designs. Nothing I have done or will do on this project will help achieve any of the specified or related milestones. Instead, I have quietly been working on achieving my own milestones:

  • The flexible layout uses CSS alone. No tables where used as a layout tool.
  • Content and presentation are almost completely separate. All the presentation information is stored in the CSS with the exception of some non-content images that designers are wont to throw in everything they do.
  • The HTML validates as XHTML Strict. The CSS validates, too, with the exception of one IE-specific property value used because IE doesn't understand the stardards property value.

These are all firsts for production code at this company. But no-one beyond those who write code would appreciate them. Not our clients. Not our clients' clients. Not the people who send out congradulatory emails. They are all little victories without which I would probably feel like I wasn't achieving anything; wasn't learning; wasn't keeping up.
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09/09/2002 Monday

All Javascript-capable browsers have a cross-site scripting hobble built into the language: access to the properties of one window from a script in another window is limited if the documents in the two windows come from different servers (these limitations can be relaxed somewhat if the two servers are within the same domain). There's no actual guidelines as to what properties, methods, and objects should be restricted and what should remain accessible but generally the document family is off-limits. It looks like IE Mac's cross-site hobble is stricter than most other browsers, though. In all but IE Mac, I can query a window's opener property.
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searchhi.js: an external Javascript file which will highlight search terms within your pages when the visitor arrives from a search engine. (via Simon Willison)
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