Krackpot Kosmologies :
Addled Alternatives

This is a collection of brief reviews of "alternative cosmologies" as devised by those not constrained by the boundaries of modern physics. Other space and astrophysics related subjects are also examined. But, first, a little something called the..


These pages contain the ingredients "sarcasm" and "subjective humour". Accordingly, the contents of this and following pages may not be your cup of tea - particularly the selection criteria (ie. the views expressed in the following are mine and not those of U of T, my supervisor or anyone else). It is important to specify that some of the items are the result of unintentional humour.

D.G. Lahoz and Cosmogony
The Velan Multi-Universe Cosmos
Billy Farmer vs the Big Bang

Links to alternative science

Last Modified: April 20, 1996