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Physics and Astrophysics

I've tried to avoid duplication ie. if a site has a link to it from one of the sites listed here, then I probably haven't duplicated that link here.

Cosmologies and Ways of Looking at the Universe

The Symmetric Theory is put forward by the Knights of the Spiral Nebula as an alternative to the good ol' Big Bang.

The Hollow Earth - a historical perspective of an interesting twist on a unique idea.

God and the New Cosmology is actually the order form for the book which shows conclusively that God exists using modern science.

Why I Believe - a criticism of a book written by James Kennedy (founder of Coral Ridge Ministries). Chapters 3 and 4 deal with some science issues. - not found July 9, 96.

Ray Tomes' Papers extends quantization to a cosmic scale under the name of Harmonics Theory. Check out the links as well.

The Solar System

Hypothetical Planets that science (or the lack of it) once predicted but never were. Each with it's own history.

Catastrophism: The emerging science of origins expounds the theories of Velikovsky as to the origins of the solar system. Several articles dealing with origins of life, dating methods, and fossil records. Links to other catastrophism sites and some Mars/Cydonia spots. Also has a reading list.

Chapters 3, 4, and 5 of a book by Rodney Collin. A theory of the solar system as a living being.

Space and Time Travel

Jack Sarfatti is your gateway to strange and mysterious things. Stuff on space flight and starship design.

The Posthuman Body - The Frontier says that since human beings are the apex of evolution (and science, for that matter), we ought to spread out a bit. This site contains even more links to space travel .

Light Technology is mostly a new-age type site but there are articles on anti-gravity and space travel.


Questioning Gravity - it's really radiation pressure!

Elekromagnum is dedicated to articles explaining gravity/inertia as electromagnetic effects. Also contains some ufo links (example of gravity being controlled).

Astrology and Gravity Waves explains how the distant planets effect our personality through gravity waves. With a few biblical quotes thrown in for good measure.

The Ancient Art of Egyptian Geomancy rambles on about the lost art of geomancy and how those wacky ancients controlled the secret of anti-gravity.


Son of Ether Page - ether is back (with a vengence). Links to articles about new ether theories.

Localized ether vs relativity has numerous arguments against relativity. - not found July 9, 96.


Keelynet is the web site for the famous free energy BBS. Some archived files but you have to call the BBS if you want everything.

Fusion in a Pyramid is the gateway through which you too can learn the secrets of how fusion can be achieved... but you have to buy the video. A 20-years-of-prayer-answered story.

Institute for New Energy expounds free energy. Our planet is in a crisis, you know.

Assorted Physics

Alternative Theories of Physics is truely a huge site. Lots of original papers split into subject groupings. THE place to start for alternative science.

Sumeria's physics page contains many original articles on various subjects in physics. Sumeria's purpose is to provide "a collection of resources for exploring alternative ideas..".

Net Wackiness collected by Kibo contains a variety of files including several on gravity and one on comet rendezvous missions. Slow site.

Donald Simanek's Home Page has a fair number of interesting tidbits. In particular, check out the skeptics, kooks and humour sections and there's some good stuff in the Bob Schadewald's Corner on Flat Earth theories.

The Last Skeptic of Science is R. Rene, Mensan and NASA-doubter. And he revamps physics in convenient book form in his spare time.

Weird Research, Anomalous Physics - in the market for a crystal of pure germanium? Trying to unload that Tesla coil? Weird science for the hobbyist and free energy links.

The Kooks Museum - science section has reviews of the life's work of several not-so-great minds of science.

Archimedes Plutonium is widely cited as the archetypical "mad" scientist. He has a theory about the atom which he extends to cosmology and most of the rest of modern science.

Tachyon Healing and the Physics of Love is a huge new-age document with passing reference to QM and GR (still can't figure out how he works tachyons into this crystal thing).

Victor Stenger has an archive of several articles and reviews he has written in a couple subject areas including cosmythology, religion and metaphysics.

The Order of Existence is a small-ish site but has lots of addresses for alternative journals and publications. Fish around. Also a bibliography of superluminal motion.

Marinov: Annus Horribilis - not a link but if you have the chance, find the March 28, 1996 edition of Nature journal (Volume 380, No. 6572) and check out the two page article (advertisement really) immediately before the Opinion section. Everything in physics is wrong. Written by Stefan Marinov who apparently edits his own journal: Deutsche Physik.

The lighter side(articles and collections)

The secret of anti-gravity proposes an antigravity system based on cats and buttered bread - brilliant!

Project Galactic Guide is something like the Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy with articles on all sorts of stuff (some science; some not).

Obscure Research Labs investigate the odd and bizarre. Not much in the way of weird theories - just a lot of witty replies to mail.

Mad Science Home Page anounces the first virtual conference on mad science. Many virtual lectures to attend.

Anders Mad Scientist Page has one of the bigger sets of links to kooks and science humour on the net.

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