From the coversheet included in "The Face on Mars: TETET-92":
"Prof. Dr. D.G. Lahoz (physicist and cosmogonist at UNIAM) has done it again. In this, March 1993, book has uncovered (deciphered, uncoded, cracked!) the grand 'CYDONIA MESSAGE' in the warm latitudes of MARS around the famous 'FACE ON MARS'.

"After 16 years of NASA's Viking pictures several researchers have arrived to nearly conclusive evidence of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) at Cydonia (Mars). The latest work of Prof. Dr. Mark J. Carlotto ('The Martian Enigmas: A Closer Look', 1991) is the finest piece of evidence: sharp, crisp, scientifically processed images leave no doubt about the 'tridimensional' nature of the famous (2.5 km long) sculpture 'The Face' and other 'Elements' around it.

"Subsequently Prof. Lahoz has identified up to 26 such sculptures covering an area in excess of 20 x 20 square kilometers and constituting the 'body' of the 'Cydonia Message'. These elements or sculptures 'define' a geometric 'DIAGRAM' with extreme simplicity..."

'Prof. Dr.' Lahoz's overall thesis is that there is too much order in our solar system and that the order must be evidence for "large scale manipulations in our solar system by extraterrestrial beings". They built sculptures on Mars, they arranged craters on Phobos, they arranged the rings around Uranus, and then apparently, they got bored and left. But they left behind these massive monuments packed with little hints as to how powerful and wise their makers really were.

Remember how, in the summer days of your childhood, you used to lie back and try to find pictures in the clouds: dogs, faces, cars. I would imagine Dr. Lahoz did the same thing in his youth and came up with... Michealangelo's "Creation" from the Cistene Chapel ceiling in amazing detail. He finds patterns and pictures the most active imaginations would be hard-pressed to re-create. And all the angles, all the line segment lengths and directions; they all connect to the geometry of our solar system. Sometimes they even show us what the creators look like and they look amazingly similar to ourselves. Hmm...

The few books of this prodigious researcher I have read, tend to be descriptions of how the reader may reproduce the geometrical drawings based on whatever features that have been deemed important. And then how to "read" the resulting figure. Imagine drawing lines between all the state capitals on a map of the US and you get an idea of what things look like. And what do you find? Well, everything - from the distances to the sun from every planet (for the epoch of construction of the "chart" in question, of course, so they're different from the present values) to an evolutionary history of our extraterrestrial ancestors.

Now, how can you possibly believe that the craters on Phobos were created randomly by space debris impacting the satellite's surface or that the arrangement of the rings around Uranus are due to the elegant workings of science? No, it's just our alien grandparents being obtuse. When we, the human race, become as wise and as powerful as they once were, we'll probably start building monuments on ridiculous scales for no better reason than to encode some message about something as critically important as where the planets are. And these fragile monuments will out-last any other sign of our existance - cities, satellites, garbage. It only stands to reason.

Available Publications (to 1993):

Electromagnetic Forces, (Edmonton: 1974), 112 pages, $5.00
Venerrable Martians, (Edmonton: 1976), 36 pages, $5.00
Phobos, (Toronto: 1978), 28 pages, $5.00
Cosmogonic Chart on Phobos, (Toronto: 1981), 163 pages, $17.10
Exact Sketch of the Extraterrestrial Chart, (Toronto: 1983), 74 pages, $12.20
Human Portraits from Mars, (Toronto: 1983), 136 pages, $30.50
Supreme Mathematics from Mars Modestly Commented, (Toronto: 1984), 80 pages, $10.00
Panic of Radiation: Household Science Against Atomic and Other Lurking Spills, (Toronto: 1986), 114 pages, $15.00
Uranus and Cosmogony: Historic Prediction Becomes Fact, (Toronto: 1987), 52 pages, $10.00
Extraterrestrial Intelligence in the Obvious Order Above the Uranian Rings, (Toronto: 1988), 112 pages, $20.00
The Graham & Lahoz Manuscript: Measurement of Static Electromagnetic Momentum Localized in a Vacuum Annulus (with G.M. Graham), (Toronto: 1992), 52 pages, $15.00
The Name Canada in Historic Perspective, (Toronto: 1992), 165 pages, $15.00
The Face on Mars: TETET-92, (Toronto: 1993), 77 pages, $15.00

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