Premonition IE Mac Hack

Test of Filter

This text will be green if the rule has been applied.

Code Syntax


Browser Support / Behaviour

Applied By

Not Applied By


Special Notes / Browser Specific Behaviour

The use of parentheses without being preceeded by the text url causes all Premonition IE Mac hacks to fail validation.

Possible Validating Alternatives

The :lang() pseudoclass has almost the same browser-support pattern (except for Moz 1.2+). Instead of using the Premonition Hack, one could use this filter to apply the IE5 Mac rules and then override them for Mozilla 1.2+ in a @media all block.

If IE4.5 Mac is not important, the escaped comment end hack has almost the reverse browser-support pattern (except for IE4.5 Mac). You could apply IE5 Mac rules normally and then override them for all other browsers inside an escaped comment end block.

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