1k DHTML API - Extensions and Libraries

The 1k DHTML API is pretty minimal by itself. These extensions allow you to accomplish common tasks easily and program at a slightly higher level.

The filenames are ones I made up to keep the file ownership straight. You can rename them to something shorter when you download them.

Disclaimer: I didn't make these so if they don't work or if they leave crumbs in your bed, don't blame me.

Download for Greg Bell's Element Creation Extension

Create elements on the fly! The function cE() takes a single argument - the id of the element after which you can set the position, size, clipping, visibility, and content of the element with the core 1k API functions. Greg also provided a demo of the extension which is included in the download.

Wallace McGee's Sliding / Gliding Demo

A couple functions that slide elements from wherever they are to a particular destination on the screen over a given time period. Quite a nice effect. Wallace has made some adjustments to the core API to get things to work so view the source of the demo.

Tim Morgan's Extensions

Tim Morgan has created extensions for popup tooltips, and sliding animations that work with both the 1k DHTML API and his own 1k DOM API.

Download for Fred Sander's Drag-and-Drop Extension

A 1.83K extension that allows you to drag and drop elements. Give draggable elements the class "movable".

Download for Liorean's Drag-and-Drop Script

Liorean took Fred Sander's drag-and-drop extension and combined it with his own super-small variant of the API to create a 1.54K script. You don't have to include the 1K DHTML API script because it's already built-in. Again, give draggable elements the class "movable".

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These scripts are released under a Creative Commons License.