1k DHTML API - Variants

These variants preserve all the functionality of the original API but use some really nasty (or elegant, depending on how you look at it) Javascript tricks to cut some weight. As a result, they may be difficult to edit if you want to cut some additional corners. They all should work with the 1k DHTML extensions and libraries.

The filenames are ones I made up to keep the file ownership straight. You can rename them to something shorter when you download them.

Disclaimer: I didn't make some of these so if they don't work or if they leave crumbs in your bed, don't blame me.

Download for the official compressed version (766 bytes)

Compression was done with my Javascript compression utilities.

Download for Aaron Porter's version (634 bytes)

Compressed offline with a Java program and then hand-tweaked. A better compression ratio is acheived using single-character replacement tokens (and more of them).

The following variants are archived here for historical interest. They were based on earlier versions of the original script and may contain bugs.

Download for Brent Ashley's version (887 bytes)

Brent Ashley was the first - compressed my original script to a crazy-light 887 bytes! He stored the code as a string in order to use tokens and evals it.

Download for Liorean's version (746 bytes)

This version takes Brent's approach further and changes some syntax to drop to 750 bytes.

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These scripts are released under a Creative Commons License.