Cookie API - Description

A set of functions that allow you to read, write, modify, and delete cookies. I can't take the full credit for this one. Many variants of these functions can be found all over the web. So why is it here? Umm.. dunno. Maybe so I don't have to go looking for it.

Script Engine / Document Object Model Required

( Javascript 1.0 | JScript 1.0 | ECMAScript 1.0 ) & DOM 0

Modification History



2000/12/14 v1.0

Added supportsCookies() which checks for cookie support.

2002/07/05 v1.0

Fixed bug in the example page.

2003/02/17 v1.0.1

Modified supportsCookies() so that you can specify the root path for your site (see the Usage Instructions).

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This script is released under a Creative Commons License.