Countdown Timer - Description

This script can be used to create any number of countdown timers; either text-only or image based. Text-only countdowns work on browsers that support DOM Level 1 (IE5+, NS6+). Image-based countdowns use image replacement so only require DOM 0 support (IE4+, NS3+). The individual parts of the countdown can be separated by arbitrary HTML in both cases.

For the image-based countdown, you can use images that you create yourself to give the countdown a unique look. The only stipulation is that all the images must be the same dimensions (width and height) so a mono-spaced font, such as a digital clock font, looks best.

The date and time being counted down to can be set down to the day, hour, minute, second, or millisecond, and can be up to 9999 days away. The time is based on the internal time of the visiting computer. If the time being counted down to is in the past, the timer will display '0' in all digits.

Script Engine / Document Object Model Required

( Javascript 1.1 | JScript 2.0 | ECMAScript 1.0 ) & DOM 0

Modification History

2000/12/20 v1.0


2004/01/27 v1.1

Re-written to add text-only countdowns, millisecond support, a configurable update frequency, and allow multiple countdown instances.

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This script is released under a Creative Commons License.