Flash Detection / Redirection

This trio of scripts use the same method to detect Flash but use it in several different ways. The detection process is cool because:

In October 2001, I rewrote these scripts to use the same, central function to do the detection (the Detection Without Redirection script). I've updated the installation instructions for all the scripts accordingly. If you are currently using the Detection and Redirection or Cookie-supported Detection scripts, the changes will be pretty transparent - you can update the script without it affecting anything else. If you are currently using the Detection Without Redirection script, you'll need to make some further modifications.

Detection Without Redirection

This script does a basic Flash version detection and is used by the other flash detection scripts. It gives you the flexibility to do whatever you like based on the visitor's level of Flash support.

Detection and Redirection

When you have separate HTML and Flash sites, this script can act as an invisible gateway (the detection is seamless and the page is removed from the history of the browser) routing the visitor into one of the two sites.

Cookie-supported Detection

To improve the preformance when detecting on several pages, the result of the first flash detection is stored in a cookie which can be checked on other pages.



These scripts are released under a Creative Commons License.