Flash Detection - Description

When separate Flash and HTML version of a site would be too much work to develop and maintain, an HTML site with optional Flash elements is preferable. This script would then be needed on any pages with optional Flash elements.

Alternatively, you could use it on a splash page and change the url of any links based on the Flash version.

The script can also detect if no Flash is installed or if a detection is not possible (for instance, on IE4.5 Mac).

Script Engine / Document Object Model Required

( Javascript 1.1 | ( JScript 2.0 & VBScript 2.0 ) | ECMAScript 1.0 ) & ( Netscape plugin architecture | MSIE ActiveX architecture )

Modification History




Fixed bug that prevented Flash 5 detection in IE.

2000/10/23 v1.0

Fixed bug that reported wrong Flash version number for some revisions of the plugin.

2000/10/25 v1.1.0

Rewrote as a function that is used by the other Flash detection scripts. The flashVersion and dontKnow variables have been removed. Check the installation instructions or view the example source to see what changes should be made to existing code.

2001/10/29 v1.1.1

Fixed Opera support and added Flash 2 detection for WebTV (thanks, Rain).

2001/11/29 v1.1.2

Fixed IE support.

2002/04/18 v1.1.3

Changed VBScript to code suggested by Alastair Hamilton.

2002/07/05 v1.1.4

Added tentative Flash 7 support.

2002/10/04 v1.1.5

Fix for NS3.x.

2002/09/10 v1.1.6

Flash 7 released. Added tentative Flash 8 support.

2003/12/26 v1.2.0

Changed VBScript code to be more compact.

2004/01/12 v1.2.1

Fixed bug in IE PC.

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This script is released under a Creative Commons License.