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There is something I find very appealing about the early days of the web (My first view of the web was through Mosaic in late '93). Making the limited technology of the time do stuff that it shouldn't be able to do. Collaborative pioneering. This site is where I can experiment and where I can give back to the community that taught me everything I now know. Getting back to the old days as it were.

The biggest and most popular section is the Javascript Library where you can find a number of flexible scripts that can provide added functionality to your websites. Everything from image rollovers to extending DOM support in IE. I'll continue to add stuff every so often so check back frequently.

The CSS Filters section is where I have collected CSS Filters and Hacks, and have documented their browser support and uses.

Everything else gets lumped into The Attic. My old site archives from 2000 - 2003 can be found there. Also available are my contest entries for some minimal web building contests (the 5k contest in 2000 and 2002, and the 2001 <web4096>). And some other stuff.

Everything here is mine. I made it. Except for the bits I didn't make. Those aren't mine.


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